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Bug Sweeps + TSCM Services

Sometimes, the threats most damaging to your business and personal life can’t be seen. Covert surveillance devices may be small and easy to hide, but what they capture can have a devastating and lasting impact.


If you suspect you are being "bugged," watched, listened to or spied on, you could be right.

The CMP Group can conduct a professional TSCM Bug Sweep (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) to determine whether or not your home or office has been bugged, and ensure your safety.

The CMP Group can conduct TSCM Bug Sweeps to determine if you are being tracked through:

  • Residence Sweeps

  • Businesses Bug Sweeps

  • Schools Bug Sweeps

  • Audio 

  • Video

  • GPS

  • Telephone

  • Vehicle

If you suspect you have been bugged or that your data has been compromised, call us today at 888-267-4768.

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